Purpose of Training Program

The program aims to provide general information to participants about depression, discuss risk factors and clinical factors, and inform participants on ways to seek protection from depression and on treatment processes.

Training Topics

Defining and Understanding Depression
• What is Depression? Definition as a Condition.
• Discussing Risk Factors in Depression
Symptoms and Causes of Depression
• Discussing Clinical Symptoms. How and Under Which Circumstances Do People Get Depressed?
• Biological and Environmental Causes, Factors that Give Rise to Depression
Protection from Depression
• How Can We Protect Ourselves from Depression?
• Direct and Indirect Impact of Depression to Human Life
Dealing with Depression
• What Is the Function of Therapy in Depression Treatment? How Is Therapy Useful?
• Common Concerns about Using Pills in Depression
• Treatment Process and Examples

Who Can Participate?

Persons who would like to learn more about depression.

Patients receiving treatment from depression and persons with relatives who receive such treatment.

Persons who would like to learn ways of protection from depression.

Number of Participants: 8 persons
Duration of Training: 1 Day
Training Hours: 10.00 – 16.00