Purpose of Training Program

Aim of this training is to define exam anxiety that prevents information that was previously learned from being used effectively in exams and decrease its negative effects to increase students’ success.


Who Can Participate?

Students who experience exam anxiety.

Training Topics

  • Defining and Understanding Anxiety and Exam Anxiety.
  • Defining Intense Emotions Anxiety Causes
  • What Is Exam Anxiety Related With?
  • Symptoms and Effects of Anxiety
  • Becoming Aware of Symptoms of Exam Anxiety
  • Effects of Exam Anxiety on Students
  • Ways of Coping with Anxiety
  • What can be Done Before-During-After Exam?
  • Recommendations to Cope With Exam Anxiety


Number of Participants: 8 persons

Duration of Training: 1 Day

Training Hours: 10.00 – 16.00