Purpose of Training Program

Anger is a basic human emotion. Despite being a universal emotion, it is usually expressed differently in all cultures. While we note that anger is a natural emotion, we can say our style of expressing anger can be influenced by our culture. Anger is not a planned condition but is defined as a strong reaction to conditions such as obstruction, injustice, criticism, and being underrated. Many people who do not know enough about anger have problems coping with this natural, universal, and useful emotion. For this reason, this program aims to teach how to control anger and give effective reactions in relationships.

Training Topics

• What Is Anger?
• What Are Different Styles of Expressing Anger?
• Anger and My body
• How Can We Control Anger?
• What Are Some Methods of Coping With Anger?
• What Are Strategies for Minimizing Anger?
• What First Aid Reactions can be given to Anger?

Who Can Participate?

Adolescents and adults who are aware of their anger problem and have difficulty in controlling.

Number of Participants: 8 persons
Duration of Training: 1 Day
Training Hours: 10.00 – 16.00