Project for Prevention of Internet Addiction “Face to Face” Yagmur and Toprak are in Trabzon

As KASAD-D we organized “Yagmur and Toprak in Trabzon” activity on April 16th with great enthusiasm and large participation.

The activity was a cooperation of Association for Solidarity with Female Health Professionals (KASAD-D) and Avrasya University with participation of Avrasya University Rector Prof. Aşkın Asan, Trabzon Member of Parliament Ayşe Sula Köseoğlu, Secretary General Gülay Yeniçeri, KASAD management board members and coordinators of Face to Face Internet Addiction Project and “Yagmur and Toprak are Online” book Dr. Ayşe Güney and Clinical Psychologist Ayşe Beyza Bıçakcı.


The activity started with one minute of silence and Turkish national anthem following which the message sent by KASAD-D management board member Dr. Sare Davutoğlu was read. In her message Dr. Davutoğlu said: “According to 2015 statistics that Turkish Statistics Institute provided, 55.9 percent of our population are Internet users while seven out of ten houses have access to the Internet, 96.8 percent of houses have a mobile phone, social media usage comes at the top with 80.9 percent among purposes of Internet use, and 24 percent of our population are children. In this environment correct and secure use of the Internet is highly important for our societal development. I believe guidance contributions of counselors working in Trabzon and students at Avrasya University Department of Psychology and Child Development will be very meaningful for ensuring children as our future learn how to use the Internet consciously. I would like to thank Avrasya University management and students whom I believe will make the best use of this great activity.”


Opening remarks were given by Avrasya University Rector Prof. Aşkın Asan. In her speech Prof. Asan said: “I participated in publicity meeting of ‘Yagmur and Toprak are Online’ where Internet addiction, cyber bullying and secure Internet usage were discussed and two cartoon characters named Yagmur and Toprak are introduced to speak a common language with young people as target group to prevent Internet addiction and spread correct and secure Internet use. I invited Yagmur and Toprak to Trabzon as a support to efforts carried out by Avrasya University Struggle against Addiction Center. This is the second major cooperation we make with KASAD. Our university organized ‘Your Life is in Your Hands! Research Center Modal Development Workshop in Struggle against Addiction’ in cooperation with Female Health Professionals Foundation (KASAV) and KASAD-D on December 20th, 2014 where Prime Minister of Turkish Republic Prof. Ahmet DAVUTOĞLU also participated. We got very good results of that workshop. First of all, we opened Struggle against Addiction Research and Application Center at our university. The Struggle against Addiction Center assigned staff to give presentations about Substance Addiction at a total of 35 high schools in Trabzon center and all districts. We reached a total of 5000 students in secondary education level. Our main purpose was giving rise to a significant young population that refuse to get addicted to substances. Our Struggle against Addiction Center achieved this to a large extent. Additionally, our Center will continue to undersign new projects that would raise awareness about all bad habits in students in our region. Another fruit of this workshop is Struggle against Addiction Center that Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality started constructing with contribution of our Governor’s office. The center will start giving services very soon. I hope we will meet again in its opening. I would like to thank our mayor in your presence. KASAD-D aims to protect mental and physical well-being of youth, raise healthy, happy, hardworking individuals that have self-confidence and confidence in their country. This overlaps with our purposes. We are guided by the mission of raising global leaders who produce for the benefit of all humanity, respectful of ethical values, creative, independent with a critical mind thanks to our education, training, research, public service efforts.”


Trabzon Member of Parliament Ayşe Sula Köseoğlu, KASAD-D management board members Dr. Ayşe Güney and Psychologist Ayşe Beyza Bıçakçı in addition to Retired Teacher Mehmet Güney gave speeches to students and guidance counselors. Students at Avrasya University conducted a debate titled “Which one is more useful in life: Classes or well-spent breaks?” moderated by Vice Rector of Avrasya University and Dean of Health Sciences Faculty Yavuz Özoran.


Yagmur and Toprak are Online book is distributed at the event and plaques and gifts are given to participants