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In this project that was realized in cooperation with Foundation for the Education and Solidarity of Female Health Professionals (KASAV), Turkish Ministry of Health, Turkish Public Health Institution, Biruni University, and Association for Hand in Hand for Deliveries, 25 trainee midwives suitable for trainer training chosen from state hospitals were leagued together for five weeks and 100 midwives working in Istanbul and reporting to Ministry of Health, Public Health Institution were brought together in awareness seminar. The aim of these meetings were bringing midwives in on adopting teamwork approach in deliveries, ensuring cooperation between doctors and midwives, providing one-to-one support to pregnant women, ensuring physiology-specific follow-up on births and giving uninterrupted one-to-one support during delivery.


The project reached its basic purposes by creating awareness among target audience about decreasing maternal and infant mortality and rate of c-sections, increasing knowledge and information of midwives working in our city about following vaginal deliveries, teaching some non-pharmacological relaxation techniques to help delivery that midwives can use to support pregnant women, ensuring midwives recognize risky pregnancies and guide women on time.