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This project was carried out in conjunction with Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports and Istanbul University. Aim of the Project was raising awareness of high school age youth (14-18 years of age) about addiction, working with young people to improve their consciousness about addiction, and ensuring positive behavior change without applying pressure by giving them active roles. The Project which targeted creating consciousness and raising awareness on substance addiction through various activities directed towards students, teachers, families, and the society was carried out in 2014-2015 academic year at all high schools on European side of Istanbul. This project raised consciousness and awareness with respect to emotional stages young people are in and contemporary conditions, using technology and the power of competition.

With educational seminars and website, the project:

  • Raised awareness of target group of reasons, consequences, and prevention methods of substance addiction while teachers and families were encouraged to take responsibility on this issue. Informative meetings were conducted with guidance counselors of 409 state-administered high schools and 433 young people were reached by visiting 409 state-administered high schools in 25 districts.