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Peace Academy Project (2014)

‘Peace Academy’ is a training project directed towards otherwise unemployed housewives covering household economy, communication in family, communication with relatives, raising children in line with our values, protecting integrity of families, female health, and sexual health. The project was carried out with support from Ministry of Family and Social Policies and Governorships, Police Department (Community Policing Division), Office of Mufti, National Education Directorate, Public Health Directorate, and non-governmental organizations.


‘Peace Academy’ is a training project which aims to contribute to ensuring peace, unearthing our values sliding into oblivion, and reconstructing with “from past to today/from roots to body” principle.


Target group of the project is made up of housewives in nuclear families, adult women and young girls in extended families sharing the same house.



Training program is collected under the following topics:


1st Class: My mother’s role in my success

2nd Class: My family and myself

3rd Class: My duties as a wife and a mother

4th Class: Our humane values

5th Class: How can I contribute to household economy?

6th Class: Female health

7th Class: Basic law and security


Ministry of Family and Social Policies found this project worthy of application nation-wide and in this scope it was first applied in Konya in February 14th, 2014. Application area covers all cities, districts, and towns starting with cities in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Regions.