Purpose of Training Program

The primary purpose is to develop friendship among students and ensure they gain conflict solving skills.

Who Can Participate?

Individuals who would like to improve their domestic relations and solve domestic problems.

Training Topics

  • Defining and Understanding Emotions
  • Application of Training Activities
  • Collecting Thoughts of Students about Friendship and Encouraging Thinking Over the Issue
  • Developing Empathy
  • Ensuring Children Recognize and Understand Emotions
  • Ensuring Students Realize How Friendships Are Formed
  • Teaching Students Empathy with Experiments
  • Effective Listening and Using the I Language
  • Ensuring Students Form Effective Communication
  • Becoming Aware of Obstacles to Effective Communication
  • Improving the Ability to Use the I Language
  • Discovering Some General Obstacles to Communication
  • Coping With Mockery
  • Assisting to Develop and Strengthen Skills to Cope With Mockery
  • Teaching Students Conflict Solving Skills
  • Conflicts and Problem Solving


Number of Participants: 8 persons

Duration of Training: 1 Day

Training Hours: 10.00 – 16.00