Purpose of Training Program

• Developing a basic understanding on first aid • Learning basic concepts • Learning primary purposes of first aid • Learning basic applications of first aid • Learning properties and responsibilities of first aid • Learning lifesaving chain

Who Can Participate?

Individuals who want to perform correct and conscious applications in emergencies. Individuals who want to engage in non-pharmacologic applications without using medical devices to save lives or to prevent deteriorating circumstances until medical personnel arrive in accidents or life-threatening situations.

Training Topics

• General First Aid
• Systems that Make Up the Human Body
• Evaluation of Patient/Injured and Scene of Incident
• Basic Life Support
• Basic Life Support Applications
• Impaired Consciousness
• Drowning
• Poisoning
• Bleeding
• Injuries
• Bites and Stings
• Applications in Bleedings-Injuries
• Heat Related Problems
• Foreign Objects in Eye-Ear and Nose
• Bandages – Transportation Techniques / Applications
• Home Accidents

Number of Participants: 12 persons Duration of Training: 2 days Training Hours: 10.00 – 17.00