Purpose of Training Program

It is frequently observed during adolescence that some students use violent words and actions and demonstrate physical and verbal bullying against their peers. For this reason it was aimed to change behavior of bullying students and improve their communication.


Who Can Participate

High school students who want to improve their friendships and change their violent behavior. Children who have been demonstrating bullying under different circumstances and for a long time, students who are requested to participate in this training.

Training Topics

Defining and Understanding Bullying

·         Discussion of Bullying

Developing Empathy

·         Defining Problems that can Come Up in Friendships

·         Learning Methods to Solve Problems Constructively

Anger Control

·         Learning Steps and Ways to Manage Anger

·         Learning How Anger Reflects on Body Language and Facial Expressions

Physical Bullying

·         Learning Effective Communication Techniques to Use in Conflicts

Verbal Bullying

·         Acknowledgement by Students Different Emotions and Their Expressions

Number of Participants: 8 persons

Duration of Training: 1 Day

Training Hours: 10.00 – 16.00