Purpose of Training Program

  • Creating awareness in the family for assuring healthy generations as backbone of society
  • Encouraging natural birth and decreasing the rate of C-sections
  • Drawing attention to effects of correct and wrong behavior during pregnancy on children’s physical and mental health
  • Relieving future parents from fear of birth which is the most important cause of increase in rate of C-sections in our society
  • Raising consciousness about mother-child bonding for healthy generations
  • Saving our women from having various lifelong health problems due to poor postnatal care and misapplications
  • Emphasizing the importance of and extending breastfeeding which is the most important component of raising healthy generations

Who Can Participate?

Women at 20-45 years of age, engaged couples, those who want to have babies, pregnant women and their families


Training Topics

  • Reproductive Health and Formation of Pregnancy
  • The Miracle of Creation
  • Process and Tracking of Pregnancy
  • Nourishment during Pregnancy
  • Pregnancy and Maternal Health
  • Privacy during Pregnancy and Birth
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Pregnancy
  • Process and Tracking of Birth
  • Teamwork Approach during Birth
  • Non-Pharmacologic Relaxation Techniques
  • Effects of Fear at Birth
  • How Can We Live Through Fear of Birth?
  • Benefits of Active Positions in Birth
  • Tips Leading to Natural Birth
  • Miracle of Hormones in Pregnancy and Birth
  • Mother-Baby Bonding – The Importance of Skin to Skin Contact
  • Postnatal Period and Effects on Women’s Health
  • The Importance and Benefits of Breastfeeding

Number of Participants: 12 persons

Duration of Training: 4 days

Training Hours: 10.00 – 17.00