Başkandan Mesaj

In 1986 we came together as a group of colleagues working in the field of health and started giving trainings both to develop ourselves professionally and to raise public awareness while we also started to provide services in our clinics to patients who could not access hospitals or doctors. In order to reach all segments of the society in the field of health and to work in a more organized way, in 2005 we established Association for the Solidarity of Female Health Professionals (KASAD-D) in Istanbul.

Following the establishment of KASAD-D, we performed national and international studies and significant projects resolutely and with a sense of mission. With members of our association we further strengthened and diversified our corporate structure to establish Foundation for the Education and Solidarity of Female Health Professionals (KASAV) in 2013. We are proud to bring in a non-governmental organization active in the field of health to our country.

We have recently concluded restoration works of Ahmed Buhari Dervish Lodge that was assigned to our foundation by Regional Directorate of Foundations in 2006. We are continuing our works in this venue with the peace of mind of restoring a foundation property to our country.

Our basic values as a foundation are philanthropy, volunteering, and justice. We will continue to contribute to future generations and a healthy world with all our might thanks to strong friendship and support among our members; projects, symposiums, workshops, education programs and studies we develop and realize as a team.

I would like to thank for their support our valued spouses and children who have selflessly enabled us to realize our mission ever since we got together; our colleagues, members, and friends who volunteered their work while continuing their professional life. 

I hope to receive support of all our friends in our new projects that will contribute to public health and wish everyone health, happiness, and success.


                                                                                               Asst. Prof. Gülhan Cengiz