Purpose of Training

Showing ways to ensure relations between corporate employees advance correctly; giving information about greeting, talking, and body language to create an effective image; sharing information about techniques that leave intense and strong impact on people; teaching rules that will bring success in business life.

Who Can Participate?

Company managers and employees
New graduates of universities
Individuals who want to achieve personal development
Persons who want to establish better communication in business and social life
Persons who want to learn professional work ethics

Training Topics

1 – Elegance Training – Introduction

  • Bearing, Walking, Turning and Posture/Proportion
  • Sitting and Standing Up Etiquette
  • Greeting, Meeting – Directing – Sendoff
  • Points to Consider in Introducing Others and in Presenting Self Effectively and Correctly
  • Ways of Addressing

2 – Non-Verbal Communication (Body Language)

  • Basic Information about Conscious Use of Body Language
  • Gestures – Mimics, Intercultural Comparisons
  • Image Breakers in Professional Life

3 – Corporate Elegance

  • Use of Business Cards
  • Importance of Elegance in Representing Institution or Business
  • Creating First Impression in Communication
  • E-Mail Writing and Grace
  • Ways of Communicating over the Phone
  • Meeting Culture and Grace
  • How to Respond to Invitations
  • Thank You Notes
  • Gift Giving and Receiving
  • Table Setting and Arrangement
  • Protocol Table Setting and Arrangement
  • Delicacies of Business Dinners
  • Representation in Cars, Offices – Protocol Rules
  • Protocol Seating
  • Office