Purpose of Training Program

Explaining Psychological Immune System and how it works, discussing what can be done to ensure the system works better, and demonstrating with examples what needs to be done to avoid psychological diseases.


Who Can Participate?

Adults, adolescents, psychologists working on the field, psychological counselors, child development specialists, and students in related fields.

Training Topics

  1. What Is Psychological Immune System, Its Definition, Function, and Purpose
  2. How Does Psychological Immune System Work?
  • Psychological Defense Mechanisms
  1. What Happens When Psychological Immune System Fails?
  • Psychopathological Diseases
  • Psychological Immune System of Successful, Happy, and Strong People
  1. Ways of Developing Psychological Immune System
  • Psychological Resistance and Psychological Wellbeing
  • Control of Emotions, Thoughts, and Actions and Submission

Number of Participants: 8 persons

Duration of Training: 1 Day

Training Hours: 10.00 – 16.00