Zarafet Okulu (Bireysel)

Purpose of Training Program
Assisting people to spend high-quality lives and become self-confident individuals with strong communication skills; ensuring they have correct behaviors, good standing and a remarkable address; teaching the correct way of using body language; explaining ways to be happy, likeable, and striking persons in harmony with their communities; and ensuring they are one step ahead of others in social life.

Who Can Participate?
Persons who want to learn rules of social conduct and morals.
Persons who want to gain detailed information about elegance.

Training Topics
• Bearing, Walking, Turning and Posture/Proportion
• Sitting and Standing Up Etiquette
• Greeting, Meeting – Directing – Sendoff
• Points to Consider in Introducing Others and in Presenting Self Effectively and Correctly
• Ways of Addressing
• Traditions and General Morals
• Rules in Social Life
• Ways of Thanking, Apologizing, and Requesting
• Places of Men and Women in Social Life
• Dressing at Home and How to Behave towards Family
• Rules of Giving and Receiving Gifts
• Things to Consider When Getting On and Off a Car
• Entering and Exiting a Room
• Use of Business Cards
• Non-Verbal Communication
• Gestures and Mimics
• Conscious Use of Body Language
• Messages that Eyes, Eyebrows, Lips, Hands, Fingers and Feet Give
• Table Arrangement
• Dress, Hair, Makeup, and Care
• Hygiene and Suggestions for Personal Care
• Haircut and Models According to Facial Type
• Makeup Recommendations According to Facial Type
• Face and Body Exercises
• Key Points of Accessory Usage
• Choosing Outfit According to Body Type
• Achieving Color Harmony
• Personal Recommendations

Number of Participants: 8 persons
Duration of Training: 2 days
Training Hours: 10.00 – 17.00