Purpose of Training Program

Culturally we abstain from talking about sexuality. However avoiding discussions about sexuality keeps the issue out of safe zone and prevents enlightening. People learn about their own bodies, sexuality and the opposite sex with secondhand information or with what they learn from the Internet. Families are helpless on this issue. With fast paced increase of technology, our children reach such information at a very young age and as they read their curiosity increases. Researches and studies determine the two major reasons behind failure of families to convey this information to their children as lack of information and information pollution. Purpose of this training is raising awareness on this issue, presenting correct information, and explaining how to disseminate the correct information.

Who Can Participate?

Parents, adults, teenagers, psychologists working on the field, psychological counselors, child development experts, and students in related fields.

Training Topics

• Human Nature and Sexuality
• Sexuality and Religion (Islam)
• Why is Sexual Training this Important?
• Speaking about Sexuality with Children
• Sexual Development and Formation of Healthy Sexual Identity in Psychological Development Process
• Sexuality and Environmental Factors
• Sexual Training in Childhood
• Sexual Training in Adolescence
• Sexual Harassment and Abuse
• Practical Suggestions
Number of Participants: 12 persons
Duration of Training: 1 day
Training Hours: 10.00 – 16.00

Katılımcı Sayısı: 12 Kişi
Eğitim Süresi: 1 Gün
Eğitim Saatleri: 10:00-16:00